Elephant Gathering in Minneriya National Park

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Elephant Gathering in Minneriya National Park

The Elephant Gathering in Minneriya park is one among the world’s most spectacular wildlife phenomenon. many Asian elephants converge around the park’s main lake (Minneriya Tank) generally in the dry season in Sri Lanka’s North Central provinces. The tank is an incredible place to observe elephants that come to bathe and graze on the grasses also because the huge flocks of birds that come to fish within the shallow waters.
Minneriya National Park features, at its heart, an ancient man-made reservoir with a lush green landscape flourishing around its shores. Many animals congregate here annually when water elsewhere becomes scarce, including many elephants, who are drawn to the park from many miles away to drink and to require advantage of the plentiful plant-life that springs up because the reservoir waters evaporate.
This fascinating phenomenon, referred to as the Elephant Gathering, isn’t strictly a migration but simply a gathering of elephants who’ve walked many miles along Sri Lanka’s famous Elephant Corridor to succeed in the sanctuary of the watering place. Getting on the brink of elephants in their natural habitat – a lifelong dream for several people -features prominently on travelers wish lists.
There are several places throughout Asia where you’ll see elephants within the wild, but The Gathering in Sri Lanka is extremely special. Nowhere else within the world are you able to see numerous wild Asian elephants socializing and moving together; it’s commonplace to ascertain as many as 300 elephants during a single afternoon! The Gathering happens during the season, with the primary elephants arriving in May and therefore the previous couple of around November, peaking during August and September when there are often many babies within the groups too.
Driving out together with your guide for an hour or two each afternoon gives you many times to get where the elephants are congregating that day and to spend time appreciating what you discover. This extremely popular activity attracts many visitors, having become something of a pilgrimage for those that study these remarkable mammals, so there are always many fellow travelers to share photo tips with and to point you towards the simplest locations. At each stop you’ll just relax and take time to quietly admire the serene strength of the elephants as they wander past.
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