Excursions and experience in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is a unique country, and there aren’t many opportunities there to go on trips that will last a lifetime. The sheer variety of unusual experiences available on the island is what tourists find most attractive about Sri Lanka as a vacation destination. Sri Lanka is the ideal country for you if you’re searching for your soul in the ancient sacred cities built in the time of kings, looking to have a culinary extravaganza of a lifetime, looking for a relaxing weekend on a remote tropical beach, or planning an adventure that never seems to end.

Without a unique trip, your Sri Lanka vacation plan would fall short, and at Minneriya Safari Tours, we specialise in distinctive experiences. We offer everything you need, whether you wish to engage in an activity like fishing, catamaran sailing, rock climbing, white water rafting, or hot air ballooning or engage in a cultural or tourist activity like a city tour or a bike tour. We frequently add new tour packages in Sri Lanka, so be sure to bookmark this page and check back frequently to see if anything new has caught your interest.

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