Entrance fee to Minneriya National Park

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Entrance fee for Minneriya National Park

The best option to visit Minneriya National Park is with a safari jeep ride. If you book together with entrance fee to Minneriya National Park and Safari Jeep ride then you can save money! The entrance fee to Minneriya National Park is calculated by various fees. Entrance Ticket to Minneriya National Park include as below

  • Minneriya National Park Entrance Ticket for Foreign Visitor
  • Jeep entrance fees
  • Safari driver entrance fees
  • Minneriya national park service charge – Usd 10
  • Taxes VAT – 15% of total

Minneriya National Park entrance fees with Safari ride below includes: Entry fee for foreigner+Entry fee for driver & jeep+Minneriya Park service charge and Vat Tax

1 Adult  – USD 65

2 Adult  – USD 130

3 Adult  – USD 180

4 Adult  – USD 240

5 Adult  – USD 300

6 Adult  – USD 360

(Updated on 17 November, 2022 – With after Covid19 period special discount)

You could also see this amazing sight for yourself with Minneriya Safari Tours in the Minneriya National Park.

Entrance fees to minneriya national park








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