Known as the “eighth wonder of the world,” Sigiriya is a “must-see” destination on any traveler’s bucket list in Sri Lanka.

The Post, brimming with deserted royal residences, nurseries, streams and frescoes, has forever been a significant piece of Sri Lanka history, and its become one of the nation’s most visited social legacy locales (read our manual for Sigiriya here).

Luckily, Pidurangala Rock, found neighboring Sigiriya, gives epic perspectives on the encompassing region, a memorable cavern complex of its own, a 10th of the groups, and the most unbelievable view neglecting the renowned Sigiriya rock.

Hiking Pidurangala Rock at sunrise has become a rite of passage for tourists to Sri Lanka, and it is a must-do activity for anyone traveling there.

From the pinnacle, watch the staggering dawn from this rock-top perspective, with all encompassing vistas over Sigiriya somewhere far off. Watch in awe as the sun bathes the vast central Sri Lankan landscapes in golden hues and illuminates the misty forests, lakes, and villages.

We believe that visiting Pidurangala and Sigiriya is a must when traveling through Sri Lanka. Investigate Pidurangala Rock yourself by following beneath data, including every one of the tips you want to have an amazing encounter.

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