Pidurangala Rock Hike

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Standard Tour Start time: 6 Am / 8 Am / 10 Am / 1 Pm / 3 Pm
Tour Start for see Sunrise: 4.45 Am   
* If you like to see sunrise, pickup time may vary as per your hotel location
** Also you can choose other times for start tour

Vehicle Type: Safari Jeep

Duration: 2.5 hours. Depending on how fast you climb the visit takes from 2 hour to 2.5 hours.

Pidurangala is an enormous rock located a few kilometres north of Sigiriya. The two rocks have an interlinked history: whilst King Kasyapa was building Sigiriya Rock Fortress in the 5th century, he moved monks living around Sigiriya to a new monastery on Pidurangala Rock. An ancient cave temple still houses objects from various vintages that reflect Buddhist, Hindu and western beliefs, and the stupa to the left of the temple entrance is believed to mark the spot where King Kasyapa was cremated. Pidurangala is a more challenging climb than Sigiriya, so should not be attempted by those with poor physical fitness. There is no clear path to the top: steep, uneven steps give way to an expanse of boulders and crevices that climbers must navigate in order to reach the summit. From the top, there are glorious vistas of the surrounding landscape and an incredible view of the majestic Sigiriya Rock.

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What you can expect

Want to have an amazing view of the Sigirya Rock? Than it’s time you climb Pidurangala Rock! 

Pidurangala Rock is a spectacular sight. History of the rock temple is closely related to Sigiriya Rock Fortress. History says that monks have been living in the caves of Pidurangala 2500 years back. The proof for that is a temple and a 12.5 m long reclining Buddha statue built in a cave. It’s said to be the largest brick statue in the world. 

Pidurangala Rocks is larger than Sigiriya rock and is a little more difficult to climb, so it’s not too crowded with travelers. Keep in mind that it is an medium difficulty hike so some physical fitness is required. Stunning views of acres & acres of evergreen forest with Sigiriya will reward your efforts. 

The hike take around 30 minutes and was relatively easy despite the incline and some parts of the path being a little bit ‘off-road’.

You will have time to let the view sink in you, to feel the breeze, gaze at the sky & I am sure you will definitely get that “Top of The World” feeling.

What to wear or bring along: Light clothing, sun cream, a hat, shoes fit for trekking

Difficulty:  Fairly challenging. The first half consists of steps cut into the rock, but the rest of the climb is more strenuous as it requires you to climb over and through rocks.

Suitable for children: Not recommended for children under the age of 16 as there are no railings throughout the climb. Although the views from the summit are gorgeous, the edges are unprotected and unsafe.

Private Tour or not?  The vehicle & visit is private, guided by your driver come guide. That said, there may be other people around at the site.