Jeep Safari Habarana

Jeep Safari Habarana is another famous way to visit Minneriya National Park. Habarana City is located in the North Central Province of Sri Lanka. The drive from Colombo to Habarana takes 4 hours, while the drive to Sigiriya takes 30 minutes. Polonnaruwa and Anuradhapura are just an hour’s drive from Habarana.

Habarana Jeep Safari is the best way to visit Minneriya, Hurulu or Galoya Park’s wild elephants, birds, and other animals up close. Minneriya National Park is only a 10-minute drive from Habarana. Jeep Safari Habarana, Sigiriya Jeep Safari, Dambulla Jeep Safari, Polonnaruwa Jeep Safari, or Kandalama Jeep Safari are the famous starting points for visiting Minneriya National Park, Kaudulla National Park, Hurulu Eco Park or Galoya Eco Park.

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