Minneriya National Park Safari - FAQ

Normally we have more than 20 Safari Jeeps available for a 1 day for advance booking. But for same day bookings availability might between 5 to 10 safari jeeps. If you have Group book in advance for guarantee the booking.

Yes. You can book  Minneriya National Park, Kaudulla National Park, Hurulu Eco par or Galoya Eco Park safari tour before 1 hour of tour begin. 

Best time is around 2-5 Pm. Choose the Evening safari or afternoon Halhday safari tour for a best experience. This safari normally begin from 1 pm. But as weather condition and your hotel location tour start prior to 2pm. you can select start time from 1 pm to 3.30 pm. Tour end around 4.30pm to 6pm as per the starting time.

Yes. In rainy days also we continue safari tours. Also Elephants can see even rainy days. So do not worry for tour cancellation as weather condition. But if there is Heavy thunderstorm & rain animals are go inside the forest, in that case elephant gathering is limited.

A confirmation will be sent to you via e-mail. After make a payment a receipt sent to your e-mail.

When you are finalize the booking form, there is a option to pay online by Credit or  Debit card. Also you can select ‘pay later’ option for, online pay later. In the ‘pay later’ option, we will send a payment link to your e-mail, Whatsapp or mobile Text. As it is manully generated payment link, this may take some time. If it is same day or next day booking contact us by WhatsApp/Viber/ Mobile/Sms to +94776487757 for quick payment link.

No. You can not present our confirmation to a Minneriya National Park entrance gate for get your entrance tickets. We use manual system with Minneriya National Park entrance office for Minneriya National Park Entrance for customers & for the safari jeep. On the tour day, our safari driver will do booking redeem with the park office..

Yes. We’ll give you a full refund if you cancel before the deadline. However, our bank partner may deduct a small fee to pay bank fees.

Additionally, if a flight is delayed or an unforeseen circumstance prevents you from canceling before the deadline, don’t panic; we may still consider refunding some or all of your money, less any booking fees, depending on the circumstances.

Yes. Snacks, water, and soft drinks are permitted inside the park. Please refrain from throwing trash anywhere inside the park or forest. Keep it in the safari jeep.

Sorry. Minneriya National Park authorities do not allow to bring alcoholic drinks inside to the park. Also we do not reccomond to take alcoholic drinks just before the safari

Sorry. Drone camera is not allowed inside the Minneriya national park. 

No. After entering the Minneriya National Park, you are only allowed to walk close to the park office and restrooms. Please remain inside the Safari Jeep until you leave after passing the office. Never exit a jeep while it is in the middle of a forest or an elephant gathering area. One location offers a short walk and a climb up to a watch hut. If time and the safari route permit, the driver will let you know.

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